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My passion for photography started as a child in my dad's darkroom, watching faint images magically appear in the developing trays in our laundry sink.  This is an indelible memory for me.   Indelible, meaning "never to be forgotten, permanent, lasting, ingrained, persisting, enduring, unfading, unforgettable."   I believe a good photo is all of these things. 

Even from a young age, my favorite photos were of people, which is why I am drawn to portrait work.   With 8 kids, my dad never lacked for inspiration (although often he lacked  cooperation, myself guiltier than most).  He captured so many unique, touching moments, special times and priceless expressions and interactions that told the story of our family.    Photos that I treasure to this day.  Not least because otherwise I never would have been voted "cutest baby" by my three older sisters.

Likewise, I try to capture the unique personalities of my clients.  I work on-location or in my home studio in Seattle.  My sessions are relaxed, fun, casual and never rushed.  I take the time to let kids get comfortable and be themselves.  The best photos come when they are having fun.    Likewise, when working with older kids and adults, I enjoy drawing them out, putting them at ease and getting them engaged, as that is when I get the best expressions.  

But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.   So to spare you an additional 695 words please take a look at my galleries so my photos can speak for themselves.  Also, be sure to check out "what people are saying" if you'd like to get a sense of what your photo experience will be like with Aileen Smith Photography.

"There is a fine line between hobby and obsession."  Dave Barry

"I've never been one to toe the line."   Aileen Smith

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